Based in Mexico


A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Procuenca A. C. is a local, environmental NGO working in conservation and restoration projects in central Mexico, covering mainly a strategic watershed, the Valle de Bravo - Amanalco watershed which provides crucial environmental services (potable water) to over 4 million people in the Mexico City Metro Area. We work directly with local communities and rural families. You can look us up at (Spanish only).

Our main areas of intervention are:

  • Community sustainable development through Eco technologies construction.
  • Forest and soil conservation and restoration.
  • Water analysis, monitoring and restoration of rivers and springs.
  • Transition towards sustainable agriculture and empowering of local markets at fair prices for producers.
  • Ecotourism.

Impact Story

The Valle de Bravo - Amanalco watershed provides 10% of the potable water volume consumed by the Mexico City Metro Area (over 4 million directly depend on this water source). However there is ecosystem degradation and a considerable ammount of rural communities live under the poverty line. There is sever social and environmental inequality. Through our work we positively impact the livelihoods of families (mainly women), as well as transition to a more sustainble development model considering the importance of the well maintained forest ecosystems still present in the area. Since the year 2000 we have worked with over 4 thousand families, building with them Ecotechnologies giving access to clean water and sanitation, as well as efficient stoves that reduce wood consumption and avoid breathing bad fumes. We make forest conservation best practices in over 1000 hectares and have restored over 800 hectares of depleted agricultural soil. We measure impact of our intervention through an extensive water monitoring community network (part of a global effort - Global Water Watch). Convinced that ecosystem conservation works better when indigenous local land owners are from design a key role player in these efforts we empower productive projects like sustainable agriculture placing  all produce locally with out intermdiearies in cooperative organizations run by local farmers as well as take advantage of the outdoor activity tourismo in the nearby town of Valle de Bravo bay developing local ecoturism organization with local communities.