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Yuva AI

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

$36B is predicted to be spent on AI applications by 2024 but there are currently numerous barriers to the adoption of AI applications because of data preparation. Organisations have hundreds of thousands of pieces of data like images. However, this data is unusable for the most commonly used AI algorithm as it is not clean and does not have the necessary labels and metadata included. This halts companies from building AI. Up to 70% of the time taken to deploy a project leveraging AI can be taken up by this cleaning process which can be incredibly costly given that millions of images are required.

Impact Story

Yuva provides a platform that enables companies to send us their data and have it cleaned. This allows them to overcome the bottleneck of cleaning data and enables them to build their AI model faster. We train young people in 6 countries in digital skills and help them understand AI systems so that they can conduct this data cleaning process. They are paid above standard wages in their countries of residence - some people are able to double their family's household income for example. We have helped firms such as Johnson&Johnson, Genesis Care and Max Kelsen on data cleaning projects to enable them to build cutting edge AI systems worth $100 million. Our jobs will pay $500K to our young team aged 16-30 around the globe by the end of 2021.