Based in South Africa

Khwela Youth Tourism Stars

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Khwela Youth Tourism Stars is a non-profit based in South Africa. Khwela means to "to climb" in isiXhosa, and empowers young women through tourism to climb out of poverty to become independent and thrive. We teach tourism skills through an online learning platform, we build capacity through soft skills workshops and embark on an experitential African Learning Journey - a three week immersive roadtrip through South Africa. After an internship in the industry, we help find and place women in fiull-time employment.

Impact Story

We exist to create an African Sisterhood of resourceful and empowered women. We do this through giving women the power to create their own future by joining our African learning journey to become independent and thrive through tourism! 

In our 2018 pilot project, 16 out of 19 women found employment in the tourism industry, and left the program part of an African sisterhood that will support them further in their journey. We are continuing to run our programs with the help and support of our alumni, tourism industry players,  the Booking cares grant fund and DEDAT in the Western Cape, South Africa. 

Our Values:

o  Embrace a positive outlook–despite challenges, to show up with a positive outlook and a hope for a better future

o  Be Brave– be bold, and stand up for what you believe in 

o  Believe in yourself- – to know oneself, and be proud of your culture, heritage, opinions and beliefs

o  Show empathy- especially diversity, cultural differences and a different perspective

o     Show a strong work ethic- to lead by example, and deliver excellent service on time and to see your goals fulfilled

o  Interact openly& transparently– communicate withHonesty & transparency

o  Show appreciation & encouragement– practice gratefulness and appreciation to colleagues, participants and partners

o  Invest in personal growth– a genuine curiocity to always be learning and growing more

o  Independence– as women, to be free of tribal or traditional burdens and make an honest living 

o  Collaboration– team spirit, a healthy work environment & collaboration with external stakeholders