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Washington Business Week

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Organization Details

Washington Business Week is a week-long summer program that places high school students in a dynamic simulation where they compete as industry professionals, sharpen communication skills, and face real-world challenges. With the guidance of a mentor from the business community, students gain a competitive edge on college preparation, workplace readiness, and overall life success. We deliver our program across the state, as well as in Alaska, Italy and Poland.

Vision Statement: Washington Business Week inspires personal and professional success in the global economy, thus furthering the values of free enterprise.

International Dates (Poland)

Boleslawowo July 3 - 8

Gdansk July 17 - 22

Gdynia August 21 - 26

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

AccountingBusiness StrategyEntrepreneurshipFinanceInternational Business

Impact Story

WBW evaluates and monitors our programs via administering pre- and post-program surveys to students. As a result, students realized the impact of the program: 66% report that the experience helps them solidify their decision to attend post-secondary high school education; 71% report that they will work harder in school because of the experience; 73% report they can better connect what they are learning in school and how that knowledge will apply in their future career; 76% report that their experience will be helpful in choosing a career; 80% report that Washington Business Week will benefit them in their personal lives.