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The Undivide Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the intersection of climate crisis and digital divide, particularly focusing on their impact on poor and BIPOC communities. Their mission is to empower these communities by providing IOT-driven climate resilience solutions, ensuring that the benefits of the internet are accessible, equitable, green, and available to all. They engage in long-term commitments with communities, avoiding superficial interventions, and instead work to understand and address root causes of divestment, including those created by law or public policy. The Undivide Project stands out for its approach of combining research with community action, and for its team that blends professional expertise with lived experiences

Impact Story

Our organization’s existence is rooted in the belief that internet access and climate resilience are fundamental rights that should be accessible, equitable, and green for all. The Undivide Project is making a positive impact by empowering communities to create their own solutions, recover from disasters more effectively, and have equal opportunities for social mobility and green jobs. 

Research into environmental justice and digital black zones in Southwest D.C. led to comprehensive maps to facilitate understanding and actionable insight. Our findings have garnered attention through articles published in the MIT Technology Review and Forbes, capturing the interest of federal policymakers. We are building a comprehensive climate risk dashboard, which incorporates poverty, legal and political risk into an analysis alongside planetary systems. We have partnered with FEMA and have presented this work to the EPA and Federation of American Scientists. 

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