Based in Kenya

Vava Coffee Ltd.

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Vava Coffee is a Certified B-Corp with a social enterprise business model that has a network of coffee producers  in different regions of East Africa.Vava coffee exports, roasts and consults on coffee value chains, the company aims to contribute to better future prospects for coffee communities   and the industry as a whole. We are geared towards sustainable livelihoods for the people and communities we work with. 

Our vision is to challenge the status quo and promote positive social disruption within the Coffee industry.


Located in the picturesque Kajiado county inhabited by the calm yet courageous Maasai community, we work in this atypical coffee growing region to influence and transform communities by providing economic empowerment opportunities using coffee - we do this through trade, education and capacity building with a sharp focus on elevating the opportunities for women and girls in these communities.


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Impact Story

Launched about almost eight years ago, Vava Coffee is a social enterprise that has a network of over 30,000 small-holder farmers in different regions of Kenya. The farmers from whom Vava sources coffee are paid a fair and above-market price for the specialty coffee, ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Moreover, communities and disadvantaged individuals are integrated into the supply chain where possible to create job opportunities, the company also works with women in informal settlements, some who are HIV-positive, who sew cloth pouches for Vava’s Specialty Coffee. The  goal is to provide an opportunity for the marginalized to move out of poverty and take a step towards self-sufficiency.

Seeing how Kenyan coffee was perceived both monetarily and in terms of quality, as the founder i always wondered why this lucrative market was not benefiting local farmers. International businesses were selling Kenyan coffee at exorbitant prices, but these earnings were not being passed down and the sector was rife with inefficiencies. I felt there was a market to pay farmers a decent wage while creating a recognized brand that told their stories, ensuring quality and the traceability of coffee that consumers are seeking.

The company also runs an internship program that hosts students from different universities around the world. Farmers consistently seek the  Vava Coffee team out over the bigger players because they appreciate the direct-trade model the company practices and support they receive in improving soil quality and farming techniques and achieving organic as well as other certifications that enhance their coffee over others in the market.

Last season, we increased farmers’ incomes. Farmers had given up on coffee and we’ve given them hope. We’ve shown them they can grow beans and be profitable. We are currently trying to aggressively scale up our business model to increase our impact to all coffee farmers in Kenya.