Based in India

Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation helps transform the lives of children and their families living in poor underserved villages around the region of Bodhgaya in Northern India. We bring quality education and proper healthcare along with family and community support programs to those that need it most.

Since 2009 we have helped thousands of children and their families live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We believe when children receive good education and caring support they can become leaders that help lift their families and whole community out of the needless cycle of poverty.

Impact Story

The Foundationl has made apparent differences in the lives of marginalized children and disadvantaged communities who live in villages that are poorly served and have no access to quality schools. For shripur village in Bodhgaya, Bihar life meant the drudgery of working as a shepherd and Agricultural workers and from the crack of dawn till dusk every single day. For the people, education was an unaffordable luxury and was of no use for them. The prevalence of traditional systems of governance that pose no challenge to unjust social hierarchies and the established inequitable clan based rules could be the major reason behind the plight of children.  . However, thanks to  Foundation for nurturing hope of a better future. Shripur is a village that seems deprived of ‘new’ knowledge systems and formal education. Under such circumstances,  Foundation is practically the first ‘site’ where the agenda for ‘education for equitable development and social justice’ has been introduced and deliberated upon. The school run by Foundation has now become a reality. Our silent and dedicated approach was catalyzed with the values and pedagogy underlying the functioning of the school. The School of this kind has for the first time been created among the poorer sections of society, especially the children at extreme denial and deprivation to village elites, the desire that their children seek formal education and
, School has been able to create the nucleus of an ideal structure of schooling that genuinely serves village people’s aspirations to gain a good education. The school’s greatest success perhaps lies in the fact that the school has been recognized as an educational institution that caters to the most vulnerable communities. There has been a realization by communities that the school maintains a high standard of education with optimum infrastructure.