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Twilight Support Initiative

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Organization Details

Twilight Support Initiative (TSI) is a rural intersectional youth and trans-led organization that was established in 2018 by three gender diverse individuals following the disheartening human rights violations, rejection and hostility the rural LGBTQ+ persons were experiencing that led to poor health and economic outcomes in Kasese district and the Rwenzori region. Twilight exists to address the social conditions that affect the socio-economic wellbeing of rural sexual and gender minorities through activism and advocacy for human rights. Our core programs are health and wellbeing program, livelihood program, access to justice program and social wellness safety and protection program. We envision a society that upholds and comprehends the rights of rural sexual and gender minorities and our mission is to accelerate the transition to equity and equality through empowering rural sexual and gender minorities with health and economic rights.

Impact Story

The Twilight Support Initiative (TSI) exists to address the significant challenges and human rights violations faced by rural LGBTQ+ individuals in the Kasese district and Rwenzori region of Uganda. Founded in 2018 by three gender diverse individuals, TSI's establishment was a response to the rejection, hostility, and human rights abuses experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals in rural areas, which had led to poor health and economic outcomes for this marginalized community. TSI's primary goal is to improve the socio-economic well-being of rural sexual and gender minorities through activism and advocacy for human rights.

The positive Impact TSI is making includes

  • Improving Well-Being: TSI's efforts in health and well-being directly contribute to improved physical and mental health outcomes for rural LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Empowering Economically: The livelihood program helps rural LGBTQ+ individuals to acquire skills and resources to generate income, thereby enhancing their economic well-being.

  • Fighting Discrimination: Through advocacy and education, TSI is working to challenge societal prejudice and promote acceptance and inclusivity.

  • Advancing Legal Rights: TSI's access to justice program contributes to ensuring that rural LGBTQ+ individuals have the legal support needed to protect their rights.

  • Building Community: The social wellness and protection program creates spaces where individuals can connect, share experiences, and find support, ultimately fostering a stronger sense of community.

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