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Organization Details

reach52 is solving health access challenges for lower-income rural populations in rural and remote areas of LMICs through development and deployment of digital health solutions. By digitizing the work of frontline community health workers, we work to first connect communities with existing government resources. We then supplements gaps in the system with a marketplace of social goods, including medicines; micro-insurance; and dianostic services. 

Impact Story

52% of the world lacks access to essential health services. A further 100M people are driven into poverty each year through catestrophic out-of-pocket health payments. We are working to support SDG3, by promoting access to healthcare for lower-income marginalized populations, to truely ensure that we leave nobody behind. 

Our solution has been deployed in dozens of communities across Asia, backed by ~150 frontline facilitators in the field. We offer hundreds of products in our last-mile marketplace of social goods. We are running programs in cooperation with major partners including Philips Healthcare; Novartis; Johnson & Johnson; Pfizer Foundation; Allianz; and Gilead.

Diverse Social Enterprise

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