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Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania

A Non-profit

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We envision a world in which communities are empowered to create a safe and healthy living environment, while preserving their own cultural values and practices. We believe that effective and sustainable community development must come from within. High-quality, community-based education is the first and most necessary step to positive community change. 


Impact Story

IEFT’s main responsibility is to sustain the operations of our first project, Orkeeswa School. Opened in 2008, Orkeeswa School is located in an under-served Maasai community in the Monduli Hills of northern Tanzania. By providing free education within the village, Orkeeswa offers the only opportunity for most of our students to continue education past the primary level. Orkeeswa is committed to creating coeducational learning environments, where boys and girls learn side by side – empowering young women and promoting gender equality. Orkeeswa currently supports a student body of over 250 students. The school is supported by annual scholarships of individual students as well as through foundation grants and general donations.

IEFT is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States that supports on-going education programs in rural Tanzania, East Africa. Through the highest-quality holistic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities. In collaboration with village members, we build and operate community-based secondary schools serving families who live in extreme poverty with little or no opportunity to gain a formal education. Our goal is to build a network of schools that embrace a holistic approach to learning.