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Promotora Social Mexico

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Promotora Social México is a venture philanthropy and impact investing organization that seeks to support social entrepreneurship initiatives oriented towards improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable and underprivileged people. Promotora Social México’s main goal is to positively impact the development and well-being of Mexicans through health, education, and economic development. In order to achieve said goal, our strategy focuses on:

1. Participating in social enterprises
2. Promoting the development of social entrepreneurs and enterprises
3. Developing of the venture philanthropy and impact investment ecosystems in Mexico

Impact Story

We invest and support projects based on models capable of generating sufficient revenue and profits in order for them to be sustainable in the long term. Projects target the base of the pyramid in Mexico and aim to trigger well-being and improvement of living conditions of those who need it most.

Our portfolio is made up of enterprises that have potential for high social impact, are financially sustainable and scalable, and have been certified with the highest GIIRS rating possible. To date, we are actively invested in Biodent, Clínicas del Azúcar, COFAS, Laudex, Habvita, Mi Tienda, Catapulta, Virtual Market, Impact Hub, Lab4U, Iluméxico, Hipocampus, Aliada, Árbol Financiero, Someone Somewhere, Kinedu, <Hola Code> and Social Value Institute. We also participate as Limited Partners in Adobe Capital, PC Capital, Fazenda and Lumni (all venture capital/private equity funds). We are part of ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs), the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) and AMEXCAP (Mexican Association of Private Equity).