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Organization Details

Sway combats plastic pollution and its devastating effects by replacing single-use plastics with packaging made from seaweed. Sway's technology drops into traditional plastic infrastructure, while simultaneously replenishing ocean health, sequestering carbon, promoting benevolent materials, and ultimately creating a more inclusive climate movement. The company is based in Berkeley, California, and works with seaweed farmers across the Western Hemisphere.

Impact Story

We are on a mission to replenish the planet with the regenerative power of seaweed. Rather than seeing the ocean only as an at-risk ecosystem, we believe an answer to one of our biggest climate challenges — on land and at sea — has been underwater all along. These are the impact initiatives tied to our core products and business model:

  1. Eliminate single-use plastic packaging. Our home-compostable solution replaces harmful petroleum plastics and replenishes social and ecological systems affected by pollution, all without sacrificing performance. 

  2. Lead the benevolent materials revolution. Our material generates meaningful social and environmental impact at every step of the supply chain. We aim to become a case study in regenerative design. We have an opportunity to reimagine one of the basic building blocks of modern society. Changing this existing paradigm is a leap towards a thriving and more sustainable future. 

  3. Scale the Blue Economy. The petroleum supply chain can be considered “infrastructure for human life” because its extraction, refinement, and transformation creates a net positive only for human society — at least, at first glance — but is deadly to the rest of Earth. A seaweed supply chain creates “infrastructure for all of life” because it creates a net positive for the entire planet, humans included. Sway connects key stakeholders to build a fully integrated seaweed agro-economy across the Western Hemisphere that increases biodiversity, empowers farmers, and sequesters carbon.

  4. Increase access to conscious consumption. We believe environmental solutions must be designed for everyone. Our material is designed to be accessible across economic, geographic, and social demographics. Carbon negative materials can bypass policy, and consumption can be carbon negative behavior.