Based in Kenya

Wow Mom Ltd

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

 Wow Mom is a daily stop for many mothers who want to connect with others and also seek correct information about parenting. Its mission is to provide factual and evidence-based information about parenting and to bring to attention the antiquated policies that plaque moms in Kenya and beyond.

Wow mom has an active website and blog (, that share personalized, evidence-based information, tips and guides on all levels of parenting. It focuses on pregnancy, birth, taking care of newborn, handling toddlers and teenagers, weaning, recipes, first aid training and career, health and fitness for moms. This is done through blog posts and workshops

Support Needs

We’re looking to improve our social media presence with:

AdvertisingBrand StrategyCopywritingCrowdfunding andEvent Planning

Impact Story

Over the last 2 years, Wow Mom has reached out to thousands of moms with resources about parenting and connecting them with service providers. Nothing brings a smile on our face than receiving thank you emails and texts from moms who have benefited from our advice. Here are few highlights:

1. 100 moms trained on proper weaning and nutrition of their children.

2. 100 caregivers trained on basic first Aid by St Johns Ambulance

3. Completed the study on Implication of baby changing facilities to access of spaces in Nairobi. Lauched the report in a webinar attanded by 45 participants from diverse background inclduing academia, professionals in WASH and Built environment. 

4. Presented the report in an internation conference (Women in Transport Africa confrence at session of children and caregivers.