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In Africa alone, nearly 850 million people or 70% of the population rely on small scale farming for their livelihood and smallholder farmers (SHFs) produce around 80% of the food that we consume.  However, a majority of SHFs still live on under $2 a day. GFM is an Agri-Tech solutions provider enabling access to market and finance for smallholder farmers (SHFs) through a digital platform that replaces traditional pen and paper management systems.  We are revenue positive, have over 8,500 farmers in our system and operate currently in 3 countries. GFM facilitates more efficient and effective management and a transparent value chain allowing more subsistence farmers to earn an income.  By inputting commercial exchanges, a credit record is built for the farmers.

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Over the last 15 years many corporates have undertaken significant efforts to design their value chains to procure from SHFs, however constant supply, quality control and consistent traceability remain challenges. GFM provides a digital platform that helps food companies secure confidence in out-grower programs. Nandos financed the first two AgSME clients of GFM for this reason, enabling former subsistence farmers to earn an income while also receiving holistic impact assessments to ensure ethical supply chains. Within 5 years GFM and its third party partners can touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmers, increasing their livelihoods through moving SHFs from subsistence based to income generating uplifting them, their families and dependents.  A decade from now both the lives of SHFs and the supply chain of large food corporations can look vastly different just through efficient & inclusive management of these SHF networks and through financial inclusion for SHFs and AgSMEs.