Based in Thailand

The Little Friendly Farm Project

A Non-profit

Organization Details

If you love animals, sustainable agriculture and the simple life and want to be far away from the bustle of the big city, we believe that our eco friendly farm might be the place for you. You will learn the simple Thai way of living in a rural area and enjoy caring for our animals whilst learning lots of new skills during your new work experience.

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

AgricultureConstruction ManagementEnvironmental ProtectionNonprofit Operations

Impact Story

The Little Farm Friendly Project was founded and organized by Arnon Noah in early 2012.. Arnon has helped to improve the soil and set the landscape plan to make this beautiful little farm. It hasn't always been easy but with hard work, determination and his love of the land Arnon is developing and improving the farm everyday. Arnon and his team of volunteers from all over the world hope that one day they will have the perfect eco friendly farm sanctuary. The farm is a place for everyone to relax and learn about the simple way of life. It's a home where animal lovers can live and share ideas together in happiness, feeling good with nature and the environment that surrounds the area.