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A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Action for Development of Grassrootd Communities (ADEGCO) is a registered grassroots, nonprofit and Community Based Organization operating in Bukedea District, eastern part of Uganda. It works with the most vulnerable groups of people especially; youth (in and out of school), women (with HIV/AIDS and widows) and orphans impacted greatly by the pressing community challenges. Our projects are designed and initiated under the following thematic program areas of intervention: Health, Education, Agriculture, Environmental conservation, Human Rights protection and peace building. 

Impact Story

The formation of ADEGCO was out of deep aspiration by a group of young, committed, active citizens and passionate graduate youth to give back to the community, create a social positive impact and do an action at home by responding to the plights of the most vulnerable groups of people.

ADEGCO’s aim is to support the integration, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of the underprivileged, vulnerable, underserved and disadvantaged groups of people in communities into the development paradigm shift and give everyone a choice for access to - and utilization of available resources.

The idea to form ADEGCO is also attributed to the need to realize and achieve the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) at community level, Vision 2040 and complement in achieving the National Development Plan of Uganda (NDP, 2020).

Positive Impact realised fo far:

Empowered    women    and    teenage    out    of    school    girls    with    the    practical    and    handson    skills    and    knowledge    for    income    generation    and    self    reliance. Established    a    vegetable    growing    mini    demonstration    form 215    members    consisting    of    women,    widows,    orphans,    youth    and    persons    with    disabilities    joined    and    supported    in    the    projects. Conducted    5    Needs    assessments    where    5    innovative    and    problem    solving    projects    were    designed    and    initiated. Improved    access    to    clean    energy    technologies    in    a    last    mile    through    provision    of    affordable    and    quality    clean    energy    technologies    in    the    grassroots    communities. Helped    50    women    in    creating    and    establishing    sustainable    enterprises. Carried    out    community    education,    sensitization    and    awareness    raising.