Based in Philippines

ASEAN Youth Advocates Network

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network, also known as AYAN, is a youth-led and non-profit volunteer organization that paves the way for the ASEAN youth to experience ASEAN socio-civic involvement while exploring one ASEAN identity.

AYAN aims to instill a passion for service and a sense of initiative to the ASEAN youth advocates through volunteer-based initiatives and programs catered to supported advocacies. Through these initiatives, the organization aims to inspire the youth to take better action towards the betterment of their respective countries and ASEAN while continuing to further the achievement of advocacies through mobilization and sustainability of its operations.

Impact Story

The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network exists because of the 213 million Southeast Asian youths present, only 20% are considered to be active in socio-civic affairs. As an organization that started in the Philippines as Youth Advocates for the Philippines, Inc, AYAN continues to scale and deliver a simple message- that you can lead regardless of your age, experience, and even intention- which the organization believes that we can change.


The positive impact we are making is for growth of the Southeast Asian youth that will only unify through its diversity, but also serve as life-long lessons that will keep the youth we are able to interact intact, grounded, and always be reminded as active citizens with a social responsibility. For community to nation and region building, the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network exists to create a sustainable world guided by the youth.