Based in Albania


A For-profit

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Organization Details

My organization deals with the production and the planting of medicinal plants, and tranings of farmers in the planting and harvesting of medicinal plants. We are engaged with poor farmers in our country which have terrains but don't know what crops to sow than can bring a considerable revenue. Our practice help also renew the terrains because our seedlings are certified conform all norms of planting. Also, our products are all bio certified, and guarantie the quality.

Impact Story

We exist as a way to bring the terrains at our village back  to life. The terrains were left to deteriorate, and their cultivation with the same crop culture had caused only deterioration. Woman at our village were all unemployed with permanent low income. We brought 10 women out from poverty by giving them free seedlings and organize their own medicinal plants business. The women were trained and prepared with all the knowledge necessessary to succed. Also, we helped them to contact exporters and sign contracts with them for the selling of their produce. The local goverment has contacted us to provide trainings in the medicinal plants field for rural areas in the Albania, because they have seen that medicinal plants are a sure way to bring an end to poverty, and created normal employment and economic conditions.