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Cooperativa Acuaducto El Tesoro

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Acueducto El Tesoro is a private Cooperative that captures an channels the water for a vereda of 300+ persons in the town of Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia. The cooperative runs the installations that captures the water at the micro-cuenca at the source, which is  currently functional and provides on average 1,000 M3 drinking water to 160+ families per month. The water currently is not treated beyond mechanical filtration.


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Water & Sanitation

Impact Story

Today, the water is captured and filtered mechanically, but not treated chemically or biologically before being distributed to households. Because of cattle grazing and possible wild animals in the region, the water has shown to be contaminated with E.Coli and other bacteria (ref. needed), and –although relatively clean- is not considered fully safe for consumption, especially for more vulnerable population (small children, pregnant women, elderly and sick)