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Fundación Redes Solidarias - New Horizons Volunteer Program

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Fundación Redes Solidarias is a private, non-profit organization that's not associated with neither political nor religious activities. Redes Solidarias has developed New Horizons Volunteer Program which objective is to initiate and coordinate the support and help of national and foreign volunteers in different associations, organizations and communities which need help to carry out their activities.

Ecuador is a country that in recent years has had an increase in the level of poverty. New Horizons helps with different projects consisting of social work, cultural development, education, community work and small enterprises development. We hope to help eradicate the extreme poverty which affects the underprivileged sectors of Ecuador.

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Impact Story

Since 1998, New Horizons and volunteers from all over the world has developed and supported projects in different communities from Ecuador such as the following: 

Construction Projects:

  • Construction of a playground in a jungle community
  • Construction of nursery in a mountain community
  • Construction and painting of a cafeteria in a jungle community
  • Painting and decorating of the play ground of different schools on the Galapagos Islands.
  • Construction of cisterns
  • Reforestation projects
  • Construction of classrooms and bathrooms in El Carmen
  • Construction of a medical center in Pitaná Bajo - Cayambe

Educational projects:

  • Support of different educational projects in Quito
  • Support of schools on Galapagos Islands

Medical projects:

  • Medical campaigns in poor communities
  • Support in some medical centres in Quito
  • Support in a centre for disable children