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How This Works

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Organization Details

SpinOut is a network of university communities of innovation and entrepreneurship for redesigned higher education and creates an innovation culture, which can provide opportunities to future professionals for their skills and capabilities.
Last 3 years with my co-founders, we have proposed and validated strategies on how to develop innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities in students. This effort resulted in a validated change model ALEPSO, that involves workshops, events, talks, trips. Furthermore an innovation culture 24/7 in their lives, including efforts from corporate and government.

Impact Story

In 3 years of creation, we have recruited +600 students across Perú and Bolivia and reached +10 000 students in our impact programs and events. 21 of our members are working in I&E jobs (startups, consulting services, innovation Labs, Incubation programs) 15 members have created their own startups and initiatives. +20 institutions and companies have trusted in us for mentorship, facilitation, consulting services as students.

SpinOut began as a volunteer community and still goes on like this. Our mission since the first day is to impact significantly and positively in the universities students' lives to increase their opportunities at the end of it. Along the way, we have had necessities to increase our impact, that ́s why nowadays we have an advisory board.

We aspire to close the gap of opportunities and create more inclusive and decent jobs where people discovered their passions and worked with purpose, and the index of economic growth and innovation be directly proportional to human development in nations.

"Redesign higher education to create a new pipeline of entrepreneur and innovators professionals "