Based in Malaysia

Batik Boutique

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Batik Boutique trains women from low-income backgrounds to sew hand-made gifts and fashion accessories made from a traditional Malaysian fabric called batik. While Batik Boutique takes enormous pride in the high quality hand-made fashion, gifts and home goods that their artisans create, people matter most.  

This company has grown strongly over the last two years and is expanding its brand presence in Malaysia, the US, and other countries. In light of these goals, BB is looking for partners to help expand the sewing training program, and increase market access in ASEAN and abroad.

Support Needs

We’re looking for:

Design (Product or Industrial)PhotographyProduct DesignTrainingVideography

Impact Story

Batik Boutique began with a friendship between two women. 

In 2009, Amy Blair became friends with Ana - a single mother who at the time, was looking for more income to support her family. Ana and Amy began brainstorming ways she could earn an income. Ana was able to sew, so together they bought some batik fabric that Ana transformed into unique gifts that Amy gave to family and friends. Soon, word spread and with it came demand. 

Amy founded Batik Boutique in the belief that women like Ana deserved a fair and sustainable income, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families.  Today we employ more than 100 artisans, giving them skills training and sustainable, accessible income opportunities and helping meet other community needs.