Based in Tanzania

Silverleaf Academy

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Silverleaf Academy is founded on the belief that quality education should be accessible to all children. Silverleaf is Tanzania's first chain of high quality, affordable pre and primary schools, educating children aged 3-14.

Their mission is to provide lower-middle income urban families with the highest quality education possible at the most affordable price.

Impact Story

Silverleaf schools deploy a tablet-based curriculum inside every classroom, and adopt an innovative team teaching and in-service training approach. Their schools are designed to combat widespread student underperformance typically seen within highly resource-constrained Tanzanian schools. It is their promise to the students and their parents that Silverleaf students will not leave without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and counting, whilst also being prepared for a world where critical thinking, team collaboration, personal leadership and entrepreneurship are paramount.

They currently are operating 2 Silverleaf Academies in Arusha, Tanzania, and are on track to open 25 more in the next few years. Silverleaf by Jan 2019 will be supporting over 850 students through this world-class education experience. 

They are a small but ambitious and driven team, who are looking to grow their manpower to deliver on their large goals for transforming the education sector in Tanzania.