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Organization Details

Invicta is an award-winning career development platform that connects refugees with online courses, skills development training, mental health support and remote work opportunities. We offer financial literacy courses, access to startup grants and enrolment into mobile payment programs. We also offer certified language tests (English, Arabic, French), a global community for cross-cultural collaboration and technical skills verification. Though Invicta is based in Ethiopia, it provides support to refugees in 88 countries globally.

Impact Story

Invicta was born as a result of Africa’s worst refugee crisis; it is a refugee-led solution that embodies a holistic approach to addressing the complex needs of refugees globally. One of the key aspects of Invicta's work is its core focus on empowering refugees to become self-reliant and independent. Rather than simply providing aid in the form of food, shelter, and cash, Invicta works to provide refugees with the tools and resources they need to rebuild their lives and become active members of their communities. More than 32,500 refugees and internally displaced youth have enrolled in Invicta’s global community (57% female, 43% female, aged between 14-56). Since building Invicta’s learning academy – Nakwish, more than 7000 refugees across 19 countries in Africa and the Middle East have registered and completed online courses. Through the award-winning recruitment platform, Invicta has helped approximately 1,700 refugees find meaningful employment online.

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