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Glasswing International

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Organization Details

Glasswing is an innovative non-profit development organization, founded and led in El Salvador, that works in 12 countries in the Americas. Glasswing is a leader in positive youth development; trauma-informed approaches; community-based learning; formal and non-formal education; locally-driven research and evaluation, and cross-sector programming. To date, our work has focused on collaborating with communities to build on their existing capacity, strengths, and assets, fostering civic participation and restoring social cohesion, while engendering eco-systems that mitigate risks and amplify conditions for resilient and thriving families, communities and institutions.

Impact Story

Glasswing was founded in El Salvador in 2007 by Celina de Sola, her brother Diego, and her husband, Ken Baker. Celina and Ken had left the field of humanitarian assistance to shift into working with children and youth to address the causes of poverty and violence. At the same time, Diego - a business leader in Central America - was keen on rebuilding the region’s torn social fabric through volunteerism and better business practices. For all three founders, dignity and agency have always been at the center of their vision to foster profound change by investing in communities’ existing strengths and resources – their infrastructure and people. 

Glasswing International is a non-profit development organization that addresses the root causes of poverty, violence, trauma, and migration in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. To date, we have directly impacted over 1.5 million lives, including over 398,000 participants in its education programs and more than 347,000 participants in its health and mental health programs. Throughout 15 years of operation, Glasswing has expanded to more than 12 countries in Latin America, grown to over 500 employees, engaged 150,000 volunteers, mobilized almost $200M for programming, and partnered with over hundreds public institutions. 

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