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Business Council for Bpeace (Bpeace)

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More Jobs Mean Less Violence.® Bpeace is the nonprofit network of business volunteers. We lift communities in need by working with local entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women. We operate like a pro bono consulting firm. Either by long-distance consulting or in-country visits, our volunteer experts share functional expertise in HR, finance and marketing; and industry-specific technical advice for industries ranging from food processing to technology. The Business Council for Peace consulting toolbox also includes local staff with private-sector consulting experience, and visits we arrange to U.S. Host Companies.


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EntrepreneurshipFinanceInternational BusinessLeadershipManufacturing

Impact Story

Through a four-month competitive process every year, we select only entrepreneurs with momentum, not startups. We call them Fast Runners because they are in the best position to create jobs for others in their community.

The Bpeace services that have the most significant impact on these businesses are the Road Trips to the U.S. and Bpeace’s volunteer experts who travel to work side by side with Fast Runner businesses for a week or more.

Fast Runners who have been in the Bpeace program for more than a year, average 34% job growth and 37% revenue growth. This is significantly better than the GDP growth in their countries. 44% of our Fast Runners grew full-time jobs by more than 20%. 76% of Fast Runners maintained or grew full-time jobs. 55% grew full-time employment for women.