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Good Cat Network

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Our organization's mission is to get as many cats out of the feral cat colonies and into loving homes. Our most well-known and involved program to do this is called Operation Aloha Cat, in which we fly adoptable cats from Hawaii to the contental US for adoption. We have partnerships with rescue organizations and an airline to accomplish this goal. Primarily, our non profit acts as a liasion and transportation service currently but we aspire to do more to educate and inspire others to be compassionate towards animals.

Impact Story

We exist because Maui, the island where we are located, has only one animal shelter and it is often full. The independent shelters are overwhelmed. Combine these overwhelmed facilities with a housing crisis, where it is more and more difficult to own your own home, and where rentals that accept pets are more and more diffcult to find, we provide a tangible way to find cats homes without euthanisia. Furthermore, Hawai'i has many native and endangered species that cats pose a threat to. By removing the cats from the landscape, we are effectively helping protect Hawai'i's fraglile ecosystem. 

Diverse Social Enterprise

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