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Compadre is a social business that seeks to add value to small scale agriculture with the use of solar energy, by increasing farmer´s involvement in the value chain and by providing a close-knit relationship between farmers and consumers. Read more about why we choose to work with Experteers from MovingWorlds.

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As the main agricultural export product in Peru, coffee is the main source of income for 223 000 small and medium coffee farmers’ families. Despite the hard work and being part of a $100 billion industry, studies show that farmers only get 12% of the coffee’s final value and struggle to cover the needs of their families. Therefore younger generations are moving increasingly to the cities to find better opportunities.

In Compadre we have developed a model that transforms small farmers into small producers. We select coffee farmers that are on a vulnerable situation but have great coffee and are eager to grow. We provide them with technology that uses concentrated solar energy adn capacitation so they can roast their own coffee beans, add value to their product and have better incomes because of this.