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We are a nonprofit working in Kenya to end violence against women and girls in public transport industry by influencing behavioural change and promote tolerance and acceptance by strengthening capacities at the grassroots level in communities. Our vision is to create an impactive, sustainable and safe society where women and girls live peaceful and fulfilled lives.Our pillars of focus are workforce development, prevention of sexual violence and harassment and women in transportation.





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Impact Story

Below are 7 Reasons (one for each day of the week) why you should work with us!

1. Njeri would have been 21 years but she was raped and murdered when she was 19 years old. Despite the accused being a sexual offender, she was released on bail. We are demanding justice and putting pressure on the judicial system to appoint a special prosecutor to the case and for the sake of public interest, detain the accused until judgment is made. #NjerisJustice.

2. A lady was brutally stripped off her clothings and robbed in Kayole. 6 perpetrators were arrested and arraigned in court.  We are closely monitoring the court case to ensure that justice is served.
3. Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges of the world today. Through the professional development course, we help matatu drivers and conductors map out their career pathways.
4. The Sustainable Development Goals must have global indicators on ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’ and ’Gender Equality’. We are working to ensure that the public transport network is safe for women and girls and matatu drivers and conducts have the professional skills needed to do the job.
5. Since 2013, We have worked on preventing violence against women in the Kenyan public transport network. We are in partnership with MenKen to develop a prevention of sexual assault the 5 areas. We have held training and there has been 0 (zero) recurring incidences of sexual violence. However, there are 5 other sexual violence hotspots that we have yet to cover.
6. There are 160,000 matatu drivers and conductors and 2 million Kenyans commute using matatu daily. The impact of our work is immense.
7. The transport industry is predominately male-dominated. We are helping to create a conducive working environment for women in the transport industry.