We believe that humans - not capital, technology, or politics - will create a planet free from injustices and inequalities. But to get there, we must invest in ourselves and in others.

We believe that you have the ability to create an impact with your career, but we also understand how challenging it can be to develop the skills, experience, and confidence to find your calling. At the same time, we know that changemakers working to create sustainable solutions lack access to skills that would catalyze their impact.

So we match you together in mutually beneficial partnerships that create lasting change.

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Our Mission: Catalyzing Impact for Catalytic People

Our mission is to address these challenges stated above: getting talent to the parts of the world that need it most, and ensuring a transformative experience for those who share their skills.

Following our two-fold mission, we help organizations in the field access the skills to overcome any challenge, while connecting those that give to life-transforming experiences. Together, we make measurable progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

We also partner with strategic corporations, impact investors, accelerators, and foundations to help find projects around the world where expertise is needed most. We’ve helped connect over 600 Experteers to skills-based projects around the world. Coming from over 60 countries, our members have Experteered across over 600 organizations spanning 57+ countries. This past year, projects touched on every one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

How We Support You

Our online platform and community connects people who want to travel and volunteer their expertise directly with social impact organizations around the world. We maintain quality by selectively sourcing professionals and organizations who then interact through our website to find each other for "Experteering” engagements.

Both "Experteers" and "Hosts" also have access to our MovingWorlds exclusive training, resources, and planning guide to help ensure safe, high-impact engagements. We’re rigorous in selecting professionals who can make a real difference on the ground, and in ensuring projects posted through our site are properly scoped. In addition, forward thinking corporations can leverage the same platform to create and manage worldwide skills-based volunteering programs for employees.

Whether you're part of the MovingWorlds Global Community or just a supporter, our goal is to share information that empowers you to lead positive change wherever you are. Check out our resources & guides to learn more.

Our Story

Mark was in Seattle and successfully leading a marketing agency, but felt unfulfilled and decided to quit and travel the world while volunteering his professional skills.

Derk was in the Netherlands and had co-founded the BiD Network Foundation and believed it could do more, so he decided to move to Latin America to lead its expansion.

Together they met in Buenos Aires at a social impact event and connected over their passion to support global development by addressing the “talent gap” facing social impact organizations. They decided to put that passion into action and founded MovingWorlds.

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Get to know our team

With main offices in Seattle (USA), Medellin (Colombia), London (UK), and partner sites around the world, we stretch all geographies to help create a globally inclusive community.

Alexandra Nemeth
Content Marketing Manager

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Anna Phillips
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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Cami Hagen
Program Manager

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Cole Hoover
Director of the MovingWorlds Institute

Dawid Narwot
Database Engineer & Data Analyst

Derk Norde
Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer

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João Fernandes
Software Engineer

Mariusz Kukawski
Director of Engineering

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Mark Horoszowski
Co-founder and CEO

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Milleigh Vo
Director of Community

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Petra Bardu
Content Marketer and Storyteller

Peter Curet
Lead UX Designer

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These generous thought-leaders, social activitists, and impact investors provide strategic guidance to help us achieve our mission.

Aaron Hurst
CEO of Imperative and Author of Purpose Economy

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David Bangs

Fernando Lanzer
Executive Leadership Development, Author, and Advisor

Jan Hein van Joolen

Mary Miller
Leadership Development and People Operations Executive

Moneshia zu Eltz
Business Development Executive and Board Advisor

Sachi Senoy
Social Entrepreneur and Advisor

Stefan Kip
Impact Investor

Therese Caouette
Nonprofit & Global Development Executive


Our Partners

We'd be nothing without our partners. These organizations help us recruit amazing professionals, discover inspiring social impact organizations, and provide benefits to all of our community members. They include impact investment institutions, global development organizations, professional networks, nonprofit-crowdfunding organizations, corporations, universities, and more.

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