MovingWorlds operates a global platform that convenes partners from all sectors to build a more equitable, just, and sustainable economy by empowering social enterprises, and the people working with — and within — them.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. -Archimedes

We believe that social entrepreneurs are the on-the-ground heroes demonstrating that we can build a more just, equitable, and sustainable global economy. For more than a decade, we’ve been exploring how to best support them to grow revenues, create world-positive jobs, and scale-up impact. Through our programs, partnerships, and ongoing research, one thing has become increasingly clear: social enterprises need more than just financial investment to achieve their world-changing potential.

The right connections, resources, customers, and partners — at the right times — can make social enterprises more impactful, and successful. What we do is facilitate compounding connections that draw on the biggest “levers” from across sectors to support social enterprises.

Along the way, we’re helping individual professionals grow their careers for greater purpose and impact, socially responsible corporations achieve their ESG and sustainability targets, impact investors empower their portfolios, and governments develop healthier economies – all through the power of social entrepreneurship.

MovingWorlds is a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Idea Honoree

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Our Story

See how MovingWorlds has grown over time by taking a human-centered design approach to evolve our offerings to match real needs.

2010: MovingWorlds is Founded

Convinced that social enterprise represents the future of business, Co-Founders Mark and Derk formulated the beautiful question that would lead to the birth of MovingWorlds: What kind of support do social entrepreneurs on the ground really need to succeed? In 2010, MovingWorlds was officially registered as a Social Purpose Company, the Washington State equivalent of a "Benefit Corporation."

2014: Launch of Experteering Platform

After years of piloting, the MovingWorlds “Experteering” platform was launched to help social enterprises around the world connect with skilled professionals willing to volunteer their expertise. Since then, 1,800 projects have been completed in 122 countries, unleashing over $25 Million USD worth of pro-bono expertise.

2015+: Corporate Social Impact Programs Launch

As the social enterprise movement continued to grow, and the Experteering movement alongside it, multinational corporations asked us to help them scale their own corporate volunteering and social impact programs. We combined forces to build shared-value programs like Microsoft’s MySkills4Afrika, PayPal’s Nonprofit Experience Program, SAP’s Acceleration Collective, and more.

2017: Launch of MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship

To even better support our professional members, we launched the MovingWorlds Institute: a professional Global Fellowship that combines the learning of a certificate course, customized support of a career coach, real-world exposure of a consulting project, and global connections of a prestigious alumni network into a single 6-month program. Since then, our Global Fellowship community has grown to include more than 300 professionals from over 55 countries.

2020: Launch of S-GRID Social Enterprise Revenue Accelerator

To help social enterprises survive the pandemic and thrive on the other side, in July 2020 we partnered with SAP to launch The Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development Program (SGRID) to help social enterprises to create sustainable revenue streams by partnering with the corporate sector and connecting into global value chains.

2022: Launch of TRANSFORM Support Hub

In 2022, MovingWorlds, SAP, TRANSFORM, and Unilever partnered to merge their respective programs (including S-GRID), and re-launch as the TRANSFORM Support Hub: a global platform that connects social enterprises with corporates, peers, impact investors, learning content, and a network of pro bono professionals to deliver market-based solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Values

MovingWorlds is a mission-driven organization that manages toward social impact above all else. Our five values inform how we work every day, collaborate as a team, and innovate on behalf of our stakeholders.

We do what’s right over what’s easy.
We do what’s right over what’s easy.

We've been steadfast in our vision of a more equitable and sustainable future since MovingWorlds was founded in 2010, and our approach is built on evidence-based best practices that ensure sustainable impact over the long-term. We’re willing to invest in areas - like the Pioneer Gap - where other organizations are not.

We keep the people that we’re serving at the heart of our work.
We keep the people that we’re serving at the heart of our work.

We take a human-centered design approach to all of our programs. Whether you’re seeking to scale your impact as an individual professional, social entrepreneur, corporation, or impact investor, we understand the daily realities that you face and meet you where you are with empathy and authenticity.

We are invested in systems change.
We are invested in systems change.

We believe that lasting change at scale happens at the systems level. Rather than maintaining the status quo, we are dedicated to driving the shift towards a regenerative model of stakeholder capitalism that can build back better for people and the planet. Together, we are transforming the way the world does business.

We believe in the power of connections.
We believe in the power of connections.

Our most pressing global challenges can't be solved in isolation. By bringing professionals, social entrepreneurs, socially responsible companies, impact investors, governmental entities, and other ecosystem actors together in a single platform, MovingWorlds is breaking down silos to unlock new opportunities for lasting human impact at scale.

We believe in continuous improvement.
We believe in continuous improvement.

Internally as a team, and in our work with external stakeholders, we’re dedicated to maintaining a growth mindset. As new information becomes available, we act on it, and continuously iterate and test improvements that make our programs and our team more impactful as a whole.

Get to Know Our Team

Headquartered in Seattle (USA), MovingWorlds operates a remote team with staff across six countries and four continents.

Alainna Halliday
Senior Software Engineer

From Canada, lives in Ottawa.

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Alam Bains
Senior Account & Partnerships Manager

From India, lives in Chandigarh.

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Alexandra Nemeth
Head of Communications & Storytelling

From the U.S.A., lives in Houston.

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Bita Diomande
Head of Community and Learning

From the U.S.A. and Cote d'Ivoire, lives in Abidjan.

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Brenda Najera
Program Delivery Coordinator

From the U.S.A., lives in Illinois.

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Derk Norde
Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer

From Netherlands, lives in Colombia.

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Don Graham
Full Stack Web Developer

From the U.S.A., lives in Beirut.

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Flavia Speiski
Program Manager

From Brazil, lives in São Paulo.

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Grace Webster
Data and Operations Insights Manager

From Canada, lives in the U.K.

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Irit Seligman
DevOps and Test Automation Engineer

From Israel, lives in Vermont.

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Julissa Ayala
Lead UI/UX Designer

From Boston, lives everywhere.

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Justin Miller
Program Coordinator

From U.S.A., lives in Portugal.

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Kelsey Reed
Founding Product Manager

From the U.S.A., lives in New Jersey.

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Mark Horoszowski
Co-founder and CEO

From the U.S.A., lives in Seattle.

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Nathan Weir
Lead Engineer

From the U.S.A., lives in Alaska.

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Rebecca Mitsch
Head of Operations

From the U.S.A., lives in Washington, D.C.

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MovingWorlds Recognized as the #1 "Best Company to Escape To" in 2022 by Escape the City

Our Commitment to Inclusive Hiring

Inclusivity is at the heart of the global movement we're building here at MovingWorlds - both in terms of how we work with stakeholders, and how we hire and operate our team internally.

Our hiring process is transparent and designed to eliminate bias and welcome diverse backgrounds. Every new position begins as an internal proposal, where we align on the key criteria that would make a candidate successful in the position, as well as an assessment and assignment to screen for those criteria consistently and fairly.

When a candidate applies, they will be invited to complete a self-assessment as well as the pre-defined assignment. To remove potential bias, we use a blind screening process - meaning that the candidate's name and any identifying information are excluded during resume, assessment, and assignment reviews. We then rank-order the anonymized assessment and assignment scores, then invite the top scoring candidates to interview.

The interview process is highly structured, and each interviewing team member is given a specific criteria to screen for. To ensure equity, interviewing team members ask every candidate the same set of questions, which are then evaluated according to a pre-defined rubric.

Starting in 2022, we are implementing even more improvements — including additional training for our current employees, and more strategic outreach and recruitment to ensure that our team represents the global community we serve.

To learn more about careers at MovingWorlds, check out our careers page here.

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