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Our projects allow international Adventurer and Facilitator teams to work alongside Host-country teams on projects that improve the quality of life of poor communities in Ghana. These partnerships see the development of education hubs, water and sanitation systems, and builds sanctuaries for the preservation of venomous and non-venomous reptile species. It also contributes to research that protects forest and savanna Elephants, Primates and Antelope species, as well as rare tree species.

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Impact Story

Our Leadership & Experiential Education for Professionals (L.E.E.P) Project is designed to introduce, sustain and develop an outdoor education and experiential learning culture among Ghanaian professionals in corporate institutions and institutions of higher learning. Our International Interns will work with the Corporate Relations Department of BraveHearts Expeditions and employ their business skills to pitching to, recruiting and providing on-and-off expedition support services to corporate clients and graduate business students. Our business model (1) Brings in more foreign currency to Ghana, (2) Provides world-class adventure sports services to our clients in the adventure disciplines of hiking, camping, caving, mountaineering and abseiling, (3) Provides economic opportunity and jobs for us and for our 12 employees and (4) Provides economic incentives to local communities to halt the process of environmental degradation and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.