Based in Cambodia

Peth Yoeung

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Peth Yoeung is the only first and core business of its parent company, First Womentech Asia Co., LTD., and is a Cloud-based Hospital Operating System and Healthcare Platforms that is perfect for private and public hospitals and clinics who face the issues of securing patient's medical records, revenue and accounting management, and hospital operating management in the globalized digital age. Peth Yoeung is founded to transform your hospital from a paper-based to digital operation as QUICK as 10 weeks.

Impact Story

Peth Yoeung was founded by a visionary woman with vision to empower everyone across the planet through accessing the best possible quality healthcare services at the most affordable price by rural community people and managing their personalized health data in the highly secured and independent cloud platforms of our innovative healthcare ecosystem.