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Organization Details

We are a leading non-profit data science lab in Malawi, dedicated to promoting the use of data for social good and enhancing data science literacy. The organization combines data science, technology, and advocacy to reshape the application of data science in Malawi's social sector. Through its initiatives, we leverage  the potential of data for social good, contributing to the advancement of sustainable development goals and the adoption of modern data analysis methods by the social sector. The organization's work is driven by a passion to explore the power of data and promote gender equality in STEM especially in the fields of data and technology. 

Impact Story

Femanalytica is deeply invested in building local capacity in the field of data science in Malawi. We are proud of our our recent partnership with DataCamp, an esteemed platform for learning data science online. Through this collaboration, we are offering an exclusive training program designed to cultivate the next generation of data scientists in Malawi. This program has seen 30 Malawians currently being trained in cutting-edge data science techniques and methodologies online, aligning with our mission to promote data science expertise within the country. Consistent with our commitment to gender equality and empowering women in technology, we awarded 60% of the spots in this training program to women. This initiative is a step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive data science community in Malawi. 

In addition, we have established partnerships with local nonprofits and NGOs working in the health sector in Malawi to analyze health-related data. This partnership aims to derive actionable insights that can significantly improve health outcomes across various communities using advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques. This will help our partners to make informed decision-making and act upon evidence based  intervention strategies.

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