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Organization Details

Children and young people living for peace (CYPLP) is a voluntary, youth focused and a think-tank non-governmental organization based in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Children and young people living for peace (CYPLP) work primarily in serving vulnerable communities of young people, children and women in local communities across Nigeria. We stand in the gap of being a voice to the voiceless, the marginalized, underserved and the underrepresented populations in Nigeria. Our thematic areas of focus are; peace education, peace building, conflict prevention, conflict resolution and management, preventing violent extremism (PVE) transnational organized crime, deradicalization, migration, human rights and social justice, sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Impact Story

Children and young people living for peace (CYPLP) Nigeria exists as an organization to add value to humanity and its immediate community. We put humanity first as our topmost priority in every thing we do, hence we work as part of our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) as a not for profit organization to always give back to the society through selfless service volunteerism, community service, service above self. This we do for over a decade now transforming people's lives and communities.

Our social impact projects and intervention program activities have benefited over 1500 youths and women in local communities across Nigeria since its inception in 2010 till date. One of our organizational objectives is to bridged the skills gap in Nigeria through our entrepreneurship skills development training programs that has equipped the vulnerable youths and women with life copping skills for sustainable livelihoods, to create jobs for themselves and also create wealth for enhanced socio economic living. To develop and build young minds to become skilled entrepreneurs is our driving force and the passion in what we loved to do, to do more to our communities using our skills, energies and resources to make the world a much more better place than we met it.

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