A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Splash is a social justice organization committed to the poor, an international development agency disciplined around urban economies, a social enterprise dedicated to putting ourselves out of business, and a safe water company focused on children. Put this odd combination together and exciting things are happening.

Splash works with foreign governments & builds local businesses to create safe water projects, at scale, in resource poor cities. The puzzle pieces already exist. We simply need to reconfigure them to create a more efficient, effective and equitable product.

As a whole, our model reflects an integrated view of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation as a three-fold chord to advance health outcomes.


Impact Story

We have three long-term goals for our work; outcomes we are pushing toward, monitoring against, and which have a fundamental role in shaping our decisions and reactions within all our Programs. The first is better health and development for the children we serve. The second is local ownership. The third, is theft.

Better health: Clean water is not an end but the means. Our goal is better health and development for the kids we serve. It just makes sense: when kids miss opportunities because they are routinely sick, their potential becomes interrupted and stunted.

Local Ownership: Splash begins with the end in mind: local ownership of solutions. The fundamental commitment of Splash is not to “drop off” or “export” an intervention, but instead to be a catalyst for locally rooted, sustainable solutions. 

Theft: Our goal is scale. Therefore, we promote theft of the Splash model, including encouraging others to replicate and improve upon it. It is only then that we will have fundamentally changed markets and systems for good.