Based in Kenya


A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Humanity for Sustainable Development (H4SD) is an incorporated not-for-profit community-based organization that provides high-quality educational support to undeserved communities in rural Kenya. H4SD is registered with the Department of Social Services.


We believe that quality education should be free and available to all, regardless of age, tribe, religion, and socioeconomic standing. We believe that quality education is essential for social mobility and can help alleviate poverty and economic and gender inequality, thus providing equal access to available opportunities.

Impact Story

— Girls Mentorship Programs in the Community

In local public primary and secondary schools, we teach and mentor girls about sexual and reproductive health and rights, including teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV, gender-based violence, gender stereotyping, child forced marriage, and menstrual hygiene education.

In addition, we offer girls in school with supplies such as sanitary pads, soap, and clothing. The elimination of adolescent pregnancies, high school dropouts, and sex for pad culture are our main objectives.


— Community Empowerment program

We provide rural economic development training and support to women, people with disabilities, and young people so that they can start and run their own enterprises and initiatives, reducing the country’s constantly increasing unemployment rate. We emphasize agriculture, microfinance, table banking, poultry farming, and soft skills like tailoring, weaving, computer skills, and beading in the community.


— Educational

We collaborate as much as possible with the community, schools, and institutions to ensure that our children have access to education and learning materials. The program includes textbooks, pens, pencils, laptop uniforms, a library, lighting, classrooms, water tanks, and desks.


— Sports and Arts Development Program

We use sports and the arts to raise awareness and exhibit skills, as well as to educate young people about the ramifications of drug and substance abuse in the community.