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Dare to Innovate

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Dare to Innovate is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa. We invest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ignite social change. Our programming breaks down into three prime areas: training, investment, and on-going support. We are a social enterprise, blending for-profit and non-profit models and striving each day to be more data driven. 

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Impact Story

Dare to Innovate has introduced 10,000 West Africans to the concept of social entrepreneurship and has put 100 social enterprise fellows through an intensive training program. We have invested $50k in seed funding creating 28 businesses on track to employ 270 young Africans by the end of the year. 

Duris started an elementary school that promotes the arts and critical thinking. He grew from a tutoring program to a school with over 200 students enrolled and a waitlist that is growing every day. He employs 6 of his peers. 

Aliou launched a mobile veterinary clinic to bring quality care to remote villages. He has treated hundreds of animals increasing food security for nearly 1000 people. 

John creates high quality honey. His product is so far above the average that his first production sold out in days. Now John is working with local farmers to install hives on their farmland increasing his supply and their economic security. 

This is just a few stories. Our entrepreneurs never cease to amaze me.