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We're building software to help people identify which products (food, cosmetics, household cleaners, etc.) contain ingredients linked to major health conditions such as cancer, chronic diseases, infertility, birth defects, asthma, allergies, etc., and which products can help prevent them. For instance, there are thousands of ingredients just in food products alone that are known to cause cancer that many people don’t know about like Red 40, TBHQ, acesulfame--even in products that are labeled “organic.” Our software gives people an easy-to-use tool to distinguish between products so they no longer have to suffer through or lose their lives to health conditions that could've been prevented.

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Impact Story

Remember in the 1950's and 60's when nearly half of of the country--even pregnant women--smoked cigarettes because they didn't know that it could lead to lung cancer, bladder cancer, and birth defects? That's where we are now in terms of food and other products--many people don't realize how many ingredients they're consuming on a daily basis that are carcinogenic, linked to birth defects, infertility, etc. The National Cancer Institute reports that more than half a million cancer cases each year are linked to food alone and are preventable. 

The difference between the two scenarios is identifying one product to avoid--a cigarette--is easy, while identifying the hundreds of thousands of food, cosmetic and household products that should be avoided--seems next to impossible.

Until now.

Through technology, our team, which includes the Nation's leading epidemiologists and nutritionists, is able to translate the contents of hundreds of thousands of products to make it easy for consumers to make the best choices for their health and the health of their loved ones. We are extremely excited about this technology which could essentially save millions of lives and also save millions of people from experiencing the heartache of losing a loved one. 

Note: Our website does not include the information about the software yet, as it is still under development.