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Qutoof Professional Development

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Qutoof is a non-profit professional development organization aiming to establish a high-caliber center of excellence in Jordan for achieving sustainability and green growth indicators with extra emphasis on developing the sector of waste management and the recycling industry in the region.

Qutoof is eager to provide/ to support the various societies with long-term learning and green accredited international vocational education, to educate and enable generations to deal with environmental challenges, and to enhance their ability to achieve sustainable development goals in the coming years.

Qutoof offers international certificates in waste management and recycling, targeting the formal and informal workforce in this sector, including the emerging junior workforce. Furthermore, we work to spread the recycling culture and to support recycling entrepreneurial projects through PPPs. And to develop solutions through Public-private partnership


Impact Story

Qutoof aim to empower people and communities to protect and conserve their environment by going beyond "raising awareness;" and to help individuals and institutions acquire the knowledge and skills needed to change behaviors from negative environmental impacts towards green and sustainable reuse of resources. Qutoof seeks to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its strategy to support various targeted sectors to achieve sustainable development and to eradicate poverty by creating additional investment opportunities for the private sector, circular economy, and new green Jobs.

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