Based in Kenya

Rafode ltd

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Rafode ltd a local  company working in the field of financial services and renewable energy sectors. We target the low income people in rural areas in Kenya. We provide credit to small and micro loans to the rural clients who are involved in small business majority being women. Rafode enable the rural poor who are not connected to main grid electricity to get solar lamps and solar home systems to light their homes, we also provide energy savings cookstoves to the rural clients on credit thereby eliminate the use of kerosene lamps and traditional cooking stoves.

Impact Story

We enable the rural poor and micro and small business to access credit to finance their small bussiness, we exist to reduce poverty among the rural poor, enable them access financial services to finance their micro and small business to increase household income, we enable rural households not connected to electricity to access solar lamps and solar home system to lighten their homes on credit and use them while repaying on small instalments. In general we exits to empower the rural community.