Based in Moldova

Datcha shelter

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

In 2000 the volunteers from Germany, Nuremberg heard about the atrocities happening to stray animals and they decided to help out, started a crowdfunding campaign. 

Finally, in 2013 with the financial help from a small group of animal lovers in Nuremberg, Germany, a piece of land outside of Chisinau was bought and the dilapidated building on it converted into a humble shelter.

Today, DATCHA is open to stray animals 24/7. Ira Marcu is the dedicated and passionate full-time director. Ira leads the rescuing and feeding of stray dogs and cats every day! Three additional caretakers take shifts to feed the dogs, clean the kennels and care for injured and freshly operated animals. One caretaker is on premise at all times to watch over the animals.

A veterinarian checks on the health of the animals one time per week and performs castration and vaccinations on location. A simple operating room was established with the donations and support of the partner community in Nuremberg.

Impact Story

We are trying to change the mentality about animal welfare in Moldova by organising actions and saving stray animals.