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We help prescribers improve medication outcomes by personalizing treatments.

Rx Studio's technology platform creates standalone and electronic health record integrated decision support applications that in a minute or less suggest patient-optimized dose, frequency, formulations (or infusion rates) when a drug is select for prescription.


Impact Story

In the US, 41% of new medication therapies (over 200M/Yr of them) are ineffective. This is because each individual responds differently to the same treatment. The general dosing guidance from manufacturers does not capture the natural variability in response. We bring the power of post-market population models to improve outcome equity for medication.

Many demographic groups have been historically excluded from pharmaceutical clinical trials, causing label dosing not to be viable for groups not sufficiently sampled. Our post-market population models are able to correct for this by sensitizing dosing guidance to many covariates such as genetics, body type, dietary habits etc, and adapt regimens to actual patient response. It is expected at 99% of the population has at least one genetic variation that affects how they respond to medication. Our platform aims to personalize 100% of prescriptions written in future.


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