Based in Spain


A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

PerCorda brings music and its benefits to people living in rural areas and socially excluded communities. We work in two complementary fields. Our main project is Hacer(C)Arte, designed to reduce the gap between people with special needs and the benefits provided by music. We organize workshops and participative concerts for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, learning difficulties, migrant population, etc. On the other side, RuralizArte responds to the growing depopulation of rural areas, partially caused by the lack of leisure and cultural opportunities in small towns. We do pedagogical concerts and other activities oriented towards the rural environment.

Impact Story

I was born in a 100 inhabitants’ village in the north of Spain and at the age of 8 I started playing the double bass. Since then, I have always been linked to music, seeing it as a tool to bring people closer. In my final master project, I decided to organise a recital for asylum seekers in Switzerland. The experience had such an impact on me that, when I got back to my village, I decided to create PerCorda to keep bringing music to all those people who do not have it easy to receive it.

Since June 2019, we brought music to more than 50 people with neurodevelopmental disorders —a total of 150 hours— in collaboration with local non-profits Valentia and AMO. During the confinement, we created audiovisual materials receiving an average of 75 views per video. From summer 2020 to this day, we have organized six pedagogical concerts and 12 interventions with elderly people in rural areas with the organization Fem Llitera, reaching more than 1000 people. Another 80 people have been part of our virtual workshops in an occupational centre for people with disabilities and two nursing homes.