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Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship

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Our mission is to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build start-up skills in youth from under-resourced communities to ensure their success and to create a more vibrant society. Our program includes four critical components: 1) project-based entrepreneurship curriculum; 2) extensive teacher training and professional development opportunities; 3) volunteer engagement from the local business community; and 4) a nationwide pitch competition series with opportunities for students to advance from the classroom to school, regional, and national levels. The overall objective is to increase the agency of students to help them learn how to prepare themselves for the future of work. 

Impact Story

NFTE students, teachers, and staff continue to cope with an ongoing pandemic, deep inequities and a widening wealth gap threaten to divide us even more. Our nation faces a long overdue reckoning on systemic racism. NFTE finds hope in the fact that many in our country appear ready to face the deep-seated inequalities that have persisted for far too long and we are deeply committed to doing the work of equity. We are approaching this work through the lens of inclusive capitalism and we have seen the promise of this concept realized in young NFTE alumni who have achieved their goals of starting a business and creating jobs within their communities. By investing in their communities, these young entrepreneurs are providing sustainable opportunities that can create access to training, technical assistance, and financing. The overall impact of such examples of inclusive capitalism will help level the playing field across entire communities.   

NFTE is nurturing the next generation of diverse young entrepreneurs and building a world where all young people will have equitable access to economic opportunity. We believe diverse entrepreneurs can drive innovation and economic growth – and that lifts communities. When every young person can reach their full potential, families can build generational wealth, communities can thrive, and the country can build an economy that is both vibrant and inclusive. 

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