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The Women's Bakery

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

The Women's Bakery empowers women through education and business.

Globally, women lack access to education, stable incomes and proper nutrition. We create access to all three. We strive to advance women’s autonomy, improve community nutrition, and generate socio-economic opportunity and mobility for entire households.

TWB is a hybrid non-profit / for-profit social enterprise that works in East Africa. In places where nutrition, education, and jobs are scarce, The Women’s Bakery (TWB) teaches women to build businesses that nourish communities and support families. 

Impact Story

TWB has graduated 74 women, five men, benefitted 375 family members, and helped open five bakeries in two countries. One bakery creates 3-20 jobs and women can double their pre-training incomes. Pre-training, 78.6% of women reported living on less than $400, annually. Women employed at TWB bakeries can earn at least $890 annually. This income projection is expected to increase even more over two to five years of bakery operations. With this increased income, a woman can (and is twice as likely to) invest in her family’s education, health insurance, and improved nutrition. Graduates report increased meal consumption from 1.6 to 2.6 meals per day.