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Seeds of Fortune Inc.

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Seeds of Fortune is an online platform that helps young women of color in high school prepare for college by helping them apply for Scholarships, build financial skills like saving and budgeting, and career opportunities like externships. 

Impact Story

Seeds of Fortune is the first online college prep platform exclusively for HS women of color. Over the last three years, we grew our membership base from 20 annual students supported to a network of 1500+. Our graduating classes in spite of covid disruption to their education earned $30M+ in scholarships and grants. We implemented module and live college financing programming, and partnership with Black@NewYorkTimes for college essay review. We also are sharing information once held by gatekeepers like winning Coca Cola Scholarship essays and other factors has created equity and access. Participants are enrolling into top institutions such as Harvard, Cornell, Barnard, Howard University, CUNY Macaulay honors and more. Also students are matched to aid opportunities across our strategic college partners including George Washington University and University of Notre Dame. With our assistance our students are offered $10,000 more than the national average per year in scholarships. Roughly 50% of our high school alumni have ⅔ of their college covered by scholarships and grants. Current rating for the network is a 4.5/5 for participant satisfaction. Our Financial Literacy quiz meets the national average of 75% indicating retention of concepts. Seeds of Fortune over the last 3 years has accomplished a 90% graduation rate from college and 75% job/graduate degree placement rate through our university program.