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African Entrepreneur Collective

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We are a business accelerator and loan fund for young, growth-oriented entrepreneurs in Africa. Our mission is to empower young people to grow small businesses to scale so that they can create jobs and stimulate the economic transformation of their countries.

You can see learn more about African Entrepreneur Collective by reading about us from a previous Experteer's perspective here.

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Impact Story

African economies are some of the fastest growing in the world, yet unemployment remains rampant with devastating effects. Today there are roughly 200 million youth in Africa; and of those, nearly 90 million are un- or under-employed. As youth make up 60% of total unemployment throughout the continent, there is a significant need to develop new opportunities for young people to find meaningful and gainful employment.

Like many African nations, Rwanda struggles to address this potentially destabilizing challenge. While investing in the concepts of entrepreneurship, Rwanda fails to support existing entrepreneurs to reach scale, and thus, create jobs.  For those with the potential to grow, training on how to grow is scant and capital is priced beyond reach, resulting in stymied small business, continued unemployment, and, ultimately, no pathway out of poverty. We address this gap to help young people make vital economic change in their own communities.