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A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Symbiotic is a business in the SaaS model. Social impact as a service.

Definition of Symbiotic, aSocial impact conduit between stakeholders within procurement, distribution, and the SDG’s via embedded philanthropy mechanisms carved from redistribution of commission earned at the transaction level, connecting motivated buyers looking for social impact and sustainability to sellers primed for profit and purpose, helping rebalance the planet one transaction at a time b) Branding social impact in transaction.

Impact Story

Recognizing the tremendous need and opportunity to shift course and rebalance the planet, inline with phrasing I've put forth; 'All hands on deck, all systems check, and all mediums too'  We're here to brand social impact in transaction to attract fitting citizens of the earth and do our part. For me, It's a mopral imperative to see our vision through.

Every transaction we touch offers definitive social impact in the form of embedded philanthropy supporting nonprofits correlating to the SDGs. We believe that DEI+ESG in generality is our only hope.