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Better standard living Development initiative BSLDI

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Organization Details

BETTER STANDARD LIVING DEVELOPMENT Initiative is an NGO  of people with disability (OPD) started on 28 of November, 2006 with the name Better living foundation of the disabled. The NGO   was registered on 21st of February, 2020 under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the name better standard living development initiative and registration . BSLDI currently has three (3) branches which are situated in Lagos, Delta State and Malawi, southern Africa. The Malawi branch started on the 7th of February and was registered on 8th of June, 2020. The organisation was founded as a result of the passion for helping humanity of the initiator. 

Impact Story

 On health: 
Donation of digital hand sanitizer to Delta Broadcasting Service Warri.
 Enlightening the society about corona virus through our newsletters
Providing artificial limbs for Peter Ogowewo  through anonymous donor
Sending foresight Idado for eye examination 

On education: 
Scholarship for Peter ogowewo 
Scholarship for delta broadcasting service for the essay contest winners this is done in partner with the station
Creating a blog to share information on scholarship fellowship Grant opportunities loan and a host of others 

On empowerment: 
Sharing of seedlings and monitoring of the growth of the seeds in Malawi. 
Training at RCCG Obodo on soap making, air freshener, Vaseline and others. 
Establishment of football club to catch the youths and teenagers by diverting their attention from crime and social vices.

On Education: 
Junior  Benjamin and God's power was taken to Ekiti state school for the blind
 Establishment of nursery school in Malawi.
Providing souvenirs for winners of quiz competition on international day

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