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The Green Skills Library

A Non-profit

How This Works

As part of the TRANSFORM Support Hub, you will learn how to advance your career while getting hands on experience with organizations like this one.

Organization Details

We hand people practical tools to live more sustainably.  We know how precious all resources are, and how important collaboration is, so we work with sustainable businesses and hold largely online tutorials on all practical skills that reduce carbon, improve biodiversity and most importantly, help build communities.  Our focus this year has been on groups with learning difficulties and those who have previously been left behind.

Impact Story

I started the community interest company when I spent six months coming home after work and reupholstery, repairing and upcycling, as the only way I knew how to rebuild my soul after a difficult loss.  I then collaborated with four others, and we created a website with steps to create these projects, growing it with time.  I am neuro-diverse, and am not talented at social media, but despite not promoting it, 800 visited our website.  I opened a small hub, based on the UN sustainable development goals, restoring it by appealing to highly sustainable businesses like Legal & General and Graphenstone paints for donations.  Each week we host workshops where MIND (the mental health charity) recipients spend time gaining confidence and producing upcycled work.  We are working with a RIBA architect firm and social housing creating planters and coldframes, and with an organic farm to encourage pollinators and vegetable growing.  The impact would be amazing if I used social media.

Diverse Social Enterprise

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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